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The Indigo Room is a Brisbane based textile print design studio specialising in exclusive print collections for independent apparel designers looking to take their label to the next level. When you invest in The Indigo Room, you are investing in original wearable art, designed to the highest industry standard, to tell your label’s story. I pride myself on taking a personalised approach to understand your creative process and I will be with you every step of the way to help achieve your vision.


Your label is unique. That’s why all designs created in partnership with The Indigo Room are custom made to suit you and your brand. Analysis of your target customer, brand story and the future direction of your label ensure prints reflect your creative vision and empower, inspire and invigorate the wearer.


Collaboration is at the heart of The Indigo Room. It is a powerful force that can inject your brand with a new wave of creativity and interest. Collaborating with me can reinvigorate your past customers and bring in new ones. We can bounce ideas off each other and share resources to create something amazing.


The Indigo Room was born from my love of art. I take pride in designing hand painted, original artwork that will be treasured by your label and the wearer in years to come. My skill in asking the right questions ensures that your label’s story and brand values are reflected. 

Trust the process

What can you expect when we work together?
A concept is born.

Everyone has a super power and this is where mine comes into play. I have a knack of asking the right questions to help bring your ideas to life.  This is where we get down to the nitty gritty – your label’s story, your market and your creative vision – to ensure that your print reflects what your label is about.

From mood board to print power.

After ideation it’s time to be creative! From mood boards to concept sketches and then on to the finished design, colour and textile sampling. Together we take as little or as much time as we need to ensure that your design is perfect. 


Collaborating with Lauren is akin to dropping a bath bomb! Lauren’s energy is infectious and working with her has bought out the best in everyone involved. 

Maggie James (Nee Leung), Creative

Mood board to print perfection by The Indigo Room. Total swoon…

Chloe Kerr, Founder of  Next Sate Print

Lauren’s work is exquisite and she is determined to deliver her client a product that exceeds their wildest dreams. She is a delight to collaborate with and has taken my jumbled ideas and made them into an amazing work of art.

Ellen Gaudry, print designed for bridal couture

Get to know Lauren

The infinite and unthinkable possibilities of what can be achieved when creative minds collaborate to bring a common vision to life and how it can impact positively on other people.


Growing up in North Queensland, Lauren spent her youth enjoying many long sun kissed days in tropical paradise. With strong influences from her Grandmother who was a ‘Kodak girl’ in the 50’s Lauren took to curating her own fashion outfits with bright bold style, from an early age.

Lauren excelled in art & creative endeavours from an early age, however pursued an early career in Children’s Occupational Therapy to fulfil her desire to help others & contribute toward making the world a better place.

During this time, Lauren & her husband faced some personal challenges in starting a family of their own. Whilst trying to retain the sunshine state of mind that she had held since her youth, Lauren turned to her passion for art & used this as a creative outlet, to instill hope & positivity during their challenging time.

This re-ignited a creative fire that Lauren could no longer ignore. She embarked on a career in interior design, quickly followed by an internship at Longina Phillips textile design studio, where her true passion for Textile Design flourished.

To boost her skills & make the most of her new career path, Lauren sought private tuition at Kangan institute in Melbourne through their Fashion & Textile Hub. Shortly following this, The Indigo Room was born.

Indigo Blue means: Integrity, sincerity, trust, helping others & stimulates creativity & clear thought.
Room means: Safe & tranquil place for being in the “flow state”

Like to know a little more about Lauren? Read her exclusive interview with The Side Project.

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Bold, fresh prints BIG on colour!
Custom textile designs for independent Australian labels


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Lauren Malone
0439 744 098

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