The Aqua Flora Collection

“What would the ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams…” ~ Werner Herzog, German filmmaker and actor

Despite a deep rooted love of unique Australian flora and fauna, stemming from a childhood living amongst the bush and the sea, what “lies beneath” has always given me the heebie jeebies. That was until I stumbled upon a cyanotype of algae in the New York Public Library archives that could pass as a work of fine art and a James Cameron documentary which made me feel physically ill, yet heightened my intrigue.

The Aqua Flora collection is an exercise in facing a childhood fear one textile print at a time by exploring the unconventional beauty that lurks in these eerie depths. I invite you to dive into this somewhat uncharted territory which boasts Mother Nature’s most unusual species, patterns and colours captured by hand painted watercolour. You won’t need goggles and a tank of O2 to spot rare and exotic giant clams, sea slugs, anemones and corals.

All Aqua Flora prints are original hand painted designs by The Indigo Room and digitally printed by Next State Print in Melbourne. Garment design and construction in collaboration with Amanda Spalding of Ballingall, Brisbane. Photography by The Indigo Room unless specified.

All textile prints in this collection are available for exclusive or licensed purchase. Please contact for enquiries.


Bold, fresh prints BIG on colour!
Custom textile designs for independent Australian labels


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Lauren Malone
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